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Meet Two of the Operation Food for Life Born Free Sanctuary Children

Here are 2 stories of the 28 children cared for lovingly in a family
home setting at the OFFL Born Free Sanctuary in Port Moresby. Without the
Sanctuary all the children would face a very uncertain future.


Meet Marida age 14 (in blue school uniform) Marida comes from a broken home.
Her mother/grandmother found it very difficult indeed to provide for her and
other siblings. Jean (Daughter of Phillip and Maureen Vaki) found her at
school and befriended her by sharing her lunch and brought her to the
Operation Food for Life Born Free Sanctuary. Marida now has her own room and
bed. She is a Pioneer of the Sanctuary and has been living with the
Operation Food for Life family of God for 4 years. Marida is a top student
in school and wants to be a Pilot when she grows up. She jokes and says
"Attention please this is Captain Marida who will take you on Flight PX101
to your next destination, please fasten your seat belts and enjoy your

Meet Helen age 15 (in yellow and purple uniform). Her dad died when she was
5 and this made it very difficult for Helen's family to be adequately cared
for. Helen while growing up always prayed to God to provide a way for her to
go to school, a new home and a family that would care and love her. God
answered her prayer and she was brought to the Operation Food for Life Born
Free Sanctuary which she now calls home, has loving care from her new
Sanctuary parents and is going to school and has 3 meals a day. Helen wants
to be a School Teacher.     

Loving care and a good education are the keys to being a valuable and
contributing member of society in the future.

Phillip and Maureen Vaki - PNG Directors Operation Food for Life

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