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Operation Food for Life meets with The Hon Philip Ruddock MP

Philip Maxwell Ruddock  is an Australian politician who is currently a member of the House of Representatives representing the Division of Berowra, New South Wales, for the Liberal Party of Australia. First elected in a 1973 by-election, he is the only Member of Parliament from the period of the Whitlam government (1972–75) and the Fraser government (1975–83) still serving. He has been the Father of the House of Representatives since 1998. He is currently the third longest-serving Member of the House of Representatives, and the third longest-serving parliamentarian, in the history of the Australian Parliament. During the Howard Government (1996–2007), Ruddock served continuously in the Coalition Ministry, taking on various portfolios, most notably those of Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs from 1996 until 2003, and Attorney-General from 2003 until 2007.  (From Wikipedia)


In April co-founder Dennis Perry was surprised but delighted to receive a request to meet with The Honourable Philip Ruddock MP to discuss the work of Operation food For Life. Both live in the Federal Parliament Division of Berowra, Sydney.

At the meeting Mr Ruddock was informed of the work carried out for the poor and disadvantaged in and around Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - which is the focus of the Australian based charity.

On the 4th of May, 2012 Mr Ruddock issued a Media Release which is included below.  The Operation Food for Life team is very grateful for Mr Ruddock’s support.

The very next morning the first donated wheel chair arrived and was included in a container leaving that day for Port Moresby. Clothing and other donated items were also kindly included in small spaces in this container without cost - due to the generosity of the shipper.

Operation Food for life has identified great needs for appliances for the disabled in Port Moresby and appropriate clothing for both children and adults is in high demand by the unfortunate and forgotten in this society.



Media Release

PHILIP RUDDOCK MP – MEMBER FOR BEROWRA TeleTech Building, Level 7, Suite 701, 423 Pennant Hills Road, Pennant Hills NSW 2120 or PO Box 743, Pennant Hills NSW 1715 02 9980 1822 Phone 02 9980 1833 Fax


Philip Ruddock, Federal Member for Berowra, is hoping his office will soon look like the storage room out the back of a hospital, as he is calling on Berowra residents to bring in their old wheelchairs, crutches and walking frames.

“I’m working with Operation Food for Life, who want to take our old wheelchairs over to Papua New Guinea to give to those that need them” said Mr Ruddock.

Cherrybrook based Dennis Perry has been working hard in Papua New Guinea as co-founder of Operation Food for Life, which has been providing food and clothing to those in Papua New Guinea who need it most – often living and surviving on what they can find in the local tip. He recently gave Mr Ruddock an update on the situation there, and highlighted the need for mobility equipment.

“One small way we can help is by donating old wheelchairs, crutches and walking frames to help those in PNG who are disabled or injured. You’re giving the gift of mobility to someone who may never have had it, and all for digging out something that might be in the back of your garage” said Mr Ruddock.

Donations of wheelchairs, crutches and walking frames can be dropped at Mr Ruddock’s electorate office at Level 7, 423 Pennant Hills Rd; or contact Operation Food for Life on 9875 1406 or through their website at

“We’re also hoping someone will be kind enough to help pay to ship this equipment over to PNG” said Mr Ruddock.

Media Contact: John Bathgate, 9980 1822 

                                            Mr Ruddock MP with co-founder Dennis Perry (right)


Samuel School Update

In recent months Ogasta Daniel and the children she is teaching basic literacy to have had to move from under a house where Ogasta has been living back to her original home in another settlement nearby.

The children are now being taught in front of Ogasta’s home, which is a very simple structure as you will see from the photos.

During my visit earlier this month Teacher and children, the latter now numbering up to 40, were sitting on the ground, in the dirt, exposed to all the changeable weather elements.

Through the support of your kind donations, OFFL (Operation Food for Life) was able to purchase much needed classroom materials for the teacher and children.

This included teacher resources, exercise books, rulers, rubbers, books the children can read and colour in and a map of the world and much more.

We have greatly appreciated donations of books which have been forwarded to us to send to the school.

Recognising the great need for shelter OFFL purchased building materials to construct a basic building where teacher and children could hold classes. The village residents immediately undertook this task and had the basic frame up within days. A concrete slab floor is the next item.

The building is not state of the art, but appropriate for the village and setting. It is being constructed behind Ogasta’s house. Please refer to photos with this update.

Together we can build lives, give the children hope and a better future through simple acts of kindness, such as this example.

Not only will this school build better lives but the positive impact it will have in this very poor settlement and surrounding district and its legacy will be enormous.

When one witnesses firsthand the smiles and happiness of both children and adults one is inspired to do more.

We expect more uneducated children will come to the school as a result of the new initiatives and look forward to providing ongoing support for the school.

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St Peters Literacy School

Operation Food for Life in the formative years helped to establish a school for poor and disadvantaged children in Loloki, a suburb located on the outskirts of Port Moresby.

Primarily, the school was focused on providing basic literacy education for children living on Baruni rubbish Dump which is located near the nation’s capital.

Without basic education these children would be destined to follow in their parent’s footsteps, living a life of basic education poverty. Thirty five enthusiastic children were enrolled on the first day.

The school was simply a very basic building. In the early years teaching aids and printed resources for students were limited. Over the years Operation Food for Life has been happy to provide resources to assist in running the school.

Operation Food for Life acknowledges the support of students from Pacific Adventist University, Port Moresby, who gave of their time to teach the children during the opening period of the school.

Today Peter and Matilda Lanian, and local national volunteers run the school, which has now grown to over 100 children. Another Australian Charity Light of Hope is now the major sponsor of the School.

Both Peter and Matilda lived on Baruni Rubbish Dump for some time. They had a vision of providing an education for children living on the Dump. This is how the School became a reality with support from Operation Food for Life and Light of Hope.

From early humble beginnings there is now a new school building provided by Light of Hope Charity which provides shelter and modern classroom environment for the children to be taught.

During the year Operation Food for Life provides food as and when the call is made to feed the children.

Operation Food for Life is proud to be able to be associated in giving these children hope for a better future through providing basic education in their impressionable years.


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Settlement Programs Port Moresby Papua New Guinea

Many settlements on the outskirts of Port Moresby consist of ''shanty towns". Dwellings have been built from old timber and iron remnants which have been dumped on the rubbish dumps in the area. There are large numbers of poor families living in these areas. Many have been marginalised and forgotten by general society.

On regular occasions our volunteers visit some of these communities to give emotional support, dignity and hope to the families. As part of our visitation, we conduct programs which include music and stories to encourage the community. When our team leads out in these programs the children energetically and happily participate with our team members.

One of the highlights the children enjoy is when our volunteers provide light refreshments. This is considered a real treat by the children.

When clothing is available we provide these much needed items to the poor and destitute living in these settlements.

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Meet a Special lady making a difference  

The sign on top of a shop shouts out to us, driving  in the Port Moresby suburb of Erima located a few miles from Port Moresby Airport.  By all appearances for visitors passing by on the main road it gives the impression of being just another very poor area. But for the locals living in the region it’s much more than what first impressions might suggest.

You immediately feel a high level of discomfort if you take a side road into the community. Like the writer, a passenger with our volunteers, being driven into the heartland of this settlement for the first time.

Mariujuana is the currency used here. Drug traffickers abound.

The purpose of our visit, was to meet a very special lady, Ogasta Daniel. She is a Christian.

Two years ago, Ogasta  felt a calling to commence a care centre for the disadvantaged children in her locality by teaching basic literacy skills. As a result children attend daily from a variety of disadvantaged backgrounds.

What we did not expect was this!

The care centre was located under a house – see the picture of house and the area in which Ogasta teaches basic literacy to the children below.

She has virtually nothing to work with. No exercise books, no pencils, no basic teaching aids for the children. The little she has, Ogasta purchases with her own money.

Apart from a few ladies assisting Ogasta, she receives no financial funding or donations to help her make a difference to these children’s lives. Ogasta gives of her time voluntarily.

Ogasta gives of her time voluntarily. We are now regularly  providing much needed  food to help Ogasta feed the children .

Recently we received a donation to provide basic classroom resources for the teacher and children.This will include materials for teaching, exercise books and pencils.

 Dennis Perry  President-Operation Food for Life

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“I was in prison and you visited me"

Faithfully every week, Reuben Alu, our Port Moresby Area Manager for Operation Food for Life, visits prisoners in Bomana Jail. There are over 1000 prisoners, including the ladies wing.Reuben is not only well known and respected by every prisoner, but considered a spiritual father by all.Annually Reuben hosts a special Operation Food for Life breakfast in prison.  All prisoners enthusiastically attend. Over the years, this annual event has been considered one of the prison highlights.Reuben stated, ‘’The food in the prison is very basic. The breakfast we serve is fit for a king - cereal, milk, fresh fruit, which we purchase locally.We always have a special devotional period leading up to breakfast. This is an opportunity to share both physical and spiritual food together.Every prisoner says a very appreciative big “thank you" when coming for breakfast. We respond, "Jesus loves you".’’This is part of the Operational Food for Life Mandate which Jesus inspired us to do. Feed the poor, visit the sick, clothe the naked and prison visitation.

Dennis Perry  President   Operation Food for Life 

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Operation Food for Life supports patients in HIV/Aids and other Wards 

How would you feel if you were seriously ill, admitted to hospital and while all medical care possible is provided, the hospital does not have a budget to feed you? Your relatives have to feed you.

Welcome to the HIV/Aids and other Wards, where such is the case. In many instances  the relatives do not feed their loved ones because of the stigma associated with the virus.

Your Operation Food for Life team has been regularly feeding the patients in the wards, providing both physical and spiritual food to our special friends.


Dennis Perry    President-Operation Food for Life

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