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A Volunteer's Personal Experience



Recently I went with OFFL to PNG as part of their yearly volunteer program.
I certainly was not prepared for the amazing experience that awaited me. I
had little knowledge about OFFL, their numerous projects and the huge impact
they have on the day to day lives of the many PNG peoples they visit and support.

I was away with OFFL for 9 days. Every day was an inspiration. Dennis and
David had arranged a full-on program so we were introduced to many aspects
of their ministry. We visited the Men's, women's and adolescence prison, the
general hospital children's and AIDS wards, the residential clinic for
people with severe disabilities, the villages near the dump and the people
living on the dump. I must admit I was overwhelmed at this site, the heat,
the smell, and the people with so very little. Yet they greeted us with
smiles, friendship and invited us to minister. We brought toys, shoes,
clothes, juice and dry food rations. They laughed and hugged us and appeared
very grateful for the little we could provide. I think OFFL provide a stable contribution to the little they have.

Another strong memory is the sanctuary opening day, Born Free. So much love
and money has gone into creating a safe place for the 28 kids that live
there under the care and guidance of Phillip and Maureen. The younger
children taught me, with much patience and laughter, some pidgin phases.

The small school OFFL support and sponsor, Jan and Rob Patterson School,
celebrated their 3rd birthday while we were there in September. The children
prepared songs and dance for us and we shared a HUGE cake. It was an amazing
day of joy and celebration and demonstrated how a community in Australia and elsewhere can support a community in PNG providing education and employment to a small village community.

The OFFL programs provide hope to the adults and children of PNG for a
better future, through ministry, food, shelter, education, moral guidance,
love and prayer.

Thank you for the amazing opportunity to share in the volunteer program. I
will certainly continue my cooking fund-raising to support the ministry of
OFFL and encourage others to get on board. OFFL makes a difference in the
lives of the most vulnerable citizens of our closest neighbour.

Deni Tonkin





Kids caring for Kids  

Junior Operation Food for Life Ambassadors, Lara Hawkins and Olivia Moreton,
have involved friends in their fund raising programs to benefit
disadvantaged children who live in the OFFL Born Free Sanctuary in Port
Moresby, Papua New Guinea. You can read about the Sanctuary on this website.

The photo included in this report reveals an incredible range of items they
were able to purchase for the children and young people. What a wonderful Christmas these
children and young people are going to have this year.

For many it will be their first Christmas living in a safe Christian residence, filled with love and hope. One which the children are proud to call home.

Thank you to all the donors and people who supported Lara, Olivia, and their friends in the fund raising campaigns.

With your help, we can do so much more to help children at risk in Papua New Guinea.
Many of whom, would face an uncertain future without the Born Free Sanctuary.

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Container with donated goods arrives today in Port Moresby

Today (Sunday November 20, 2016) a container arrives in Port Moresby, Papua
New Guinea partly filled with donated items to be used/distributed by the
Operation Food for Life team in their work for others in need in this city
and its environs.
Executive Committee members and volunteers collected and loaded a large
variety of clothing and other donated items in Sydney just a few weeks ago.


OFFL Director Vaki Calls for Unity at Bomana

12 November, 2016

‘Uniting of believers for God’s calling’ was ex-convict turned church Elder and PNG Operation Food for Life (OFFL) Director Philip Vaki’s spiritual message today at the Papua New Guinea’s Bomana Prison Minimum Security Unit (MSU).

Relatives of prisoners joined today with OFFL volunteers to take lead in the church service at the Bomana Prison MSU. OFFL Director Philip Vaki urged all prisoners to unite through Jesus Christ and that God’s calling was now. Church Service was followed by the usual physical feeding of the prisoners with fresh watermelon, pawpaw, banana, juice, and ice-cream. The prisoners’ daily diet is hard biscuit for breakfast and boiled brown rice with tinned-meat for lunch and dinner and as such it was evident that Bomana prisoners look forward to this treat.

In 2016 Bomana has had up to 50 female prisoners, 105 male at MSU, and 435 at the Main Unit making a total of 590 prisoners at one time. Prison ministries continues to make a major impact as it was recently found that 218 prisoners have found God over the last 10 years, partially as a result of the ongoing OFFL Prison ministry.

Steven & Esther Matainaho


PNG OFFL Director Philip Vaki sharing the word of God to prisoners and family members.


 OFFL volunteer Mrs. Vaki sharing bananas with prisoner friends.

OFFL’s Born Free Sanctuary children and relatives of prisoners distributing fruits to prisoners.


Meet Two of the Operation Food for Life Born Free Sanctuary Children

Here are 2 stories of the 28 children cared for lovingly in a family
home setting at the OFFL Born Free Sanctuary in Port Moresby. Without the
Sanctuary all the children would face a very uncertain future.


Meet Marida age 14 (in blue school uniform) Marida comes from a broken home.
Her mother/grandmother found it very difficult indeed to provide for her and
other siblings. Jean (Daughter of Phillip and Maureen Vaki) found her at
school and befriended her by sharing her lunch and brought her to the
Operation Food for Life Born Free Sanctuary. Marida now has her own room and
bed. She is a Pioneer of the Sanctuary and has been living with the
Operation Food for Life family of God for 4 years. Marida is a top student
in school and wants to be a Pilot when she grows up. She jokes and says
"Attention please this is Captain Marida who will take you on Flight PX101
to your next destination, please fasten your seat belts and enjoy your

Meet Helen age 15 (in yellow and purple uniform). Her dad died when she was
5 and this made it very difficult for Helen's family to be adequately cared
for. Helen while growing up always prayed to God to provide a way for her to
go to school, a new home and a family that would care and love her. God
answered her prayer and she was brought to the Operation Food for Life Born
Free Sanctuary which she now calls home, has loving care from her new
Sanctuary parents and is going to school and has 3 meals a day. Helen wants
to be a School Teacher.     

Loving care and a good education are the keys to being a valuable and
contributing member of society in the future.

Phillip and Maureen Vaki - PNG Directors Operation Food for Life


Official Opening of the Operation Food for Life Born Free Sanctuary

The Official Opening of the Operation Food for Life Born Free Sanctuary was held earlier
this week in Port Moresby, PNG.
A Great programme was presented giving God the praise and also
appreciative remarks to all donors, advocates and prayer warriors who made
this fantastic facility possible. Young people in need are being lovingly
cared for in this remarkable place. 






Operation Food for Life Junior Ambassadors


We are proud to introduce you to Junior Ambassadors Lara Hawkins and Olivia Morton.

Today Dennis Perry presented both a OFFL Certificate of Appreciation for their exciting innovative fund raising venture which will benefit children at risk, who live at the OFFL Born Free Sanctuary in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Lara and Olivia have painted eye catching designs on casual shoes which will play an important part in their fund raising endeavors.

Visit their Facebook page, Little Hand Creations for more information.

And a huge note of appreciation from all the children at the Sanctuary who will directly benefit from their fund raising initiatives.




Operation Food for Life providing breakfast for school children in Papua New Guinea

Thank you Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing Company for providing healthy and
delicious portable breakfasts for children, from a poor village who attend
our Operation Food for Life Rob and Jan Patterson Literacy School in Port
Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Our PNG Directors Phillip and Maureen Vaki were
on hand to serve the children Sanitarium Weet-Bix Go Breakfast Biscuits to
many very happy and excited children. When asked to thank Sanitarium.....
......."no the children said with big smiles....... it's Sanitariu.....yummm!"


Explore our Website to read more amazing projects Operation Food for Life is engaged in.


Continuing original purpose for Operation Food for Life (OFFL)

Just a few days ago the OFFL team paid a regular visit to the main rubbish dump for Port Moresby to distribute food and talk to families that live on and around that site. 

The plight of people living on and around rubbish dumps in some of the main towns and cities of the Pacific Island countries was the original inspiration for the establishment of OFFL to help provide all forms of support and care. 

We remain committed to our original purpose amongst the varied areas of care we now provide.

Photos follow:


Transforming the Abandoned into Abundant Love - The story of young Elijah June 9, 2016

Meet Elijah Dickson aged 13 years old of Oro and East New Britain parentage who was abandoned by his father and found sleeping on a cold pavement in front of the Bank of South Pacific at Boroko, Port Moresby.

Less than a week ago, Elijah was sighted by a Good Samaritan who, knowing about Operation Food for Life’s (OFFL) Born Free Sanctuary, made a call to Director OFFL Philip Vaki to pick this child up. Elijah was picked up at 9.30pm and brought to the Born Free Sanctuary where he was given a warm shower, new clothes to wear, a hot meal to eat, and a clean bed to lay his head for the night.

The next day Elijah told of his plight to Philip Vaki that he couldn’t attend school because he didn’t have a school uniform. Elijah explained that as a result he came looking for his father who had in fact abandoned his mother and other sibling a week ago. Elijah wanted to find his father for money to buy a new school uniform however the father was nowhere to be found in the city. With no bus-fare to go back home, Elijah ended up sleeping in front of the Bank.

Deeply touched by the plight of young Elijah, OFFL Director Philip Vaki took Elijah the next day to the shop where he bought Elijah a pair of school uniforms. Interestingly on that same day, OFFL was scheduled to visit prisoners at Bomana’s MSU Prison with 100 Grade 3 and Grade 5 student volunteers from the Koiari Park Adventist Primary School. Elijah ended up volunteering to be part of that visit in which he truly enjoyed and was richly blessed as he served nutritious fruits and gave out toiletries.