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OFFL Empowers Mothers at Baruni with a Singer Sewing Machine



The Director of Operation Food for Life (OFFL) in PNG has just delivered a brand new Singer Hand Sewing Machine to a village next door to Baruni Rubbish Dump in PNG which houses over 100 impoverished families.The community depend on foraging through the rubbish to find anything of recycled value they can sell. And also eat leftovers from the dump.

Training has been arranged to show the ladies of the village how to operate the hand powered machine and material has been given to them to make clothes and earn a living. When asked how they felt, their response was THANK YOU and praised God for OFFL.

There is a great demand for more hand sewing machines. Imagine what it would do to one individual family sewing and earning a sustainable living.

The village chief, John pleaded with us for more sewing machines so more families can benefit. We not only feed and provide clothing for this community, but conduct regular spiritual services, which are well attended.

If you would like to help to provide more sewing machines please donate on our website at  Latest Info..............Cost of Machine is $180 Australian

Please also send an email to  advising of the donation and specifically requesting your donation be for Sewing Machines.

Pictured is John, the Leader of the village and one of the village residents receiving the SINGER machine from Phillip Vaki Director of Operations for OFFL 


Rob & Jan Patterson Literacy School Graduates 35 students


The Principal of the Rob & Jan Literacy School said the high- light of the school year was students from other Primary Schools in the city attending the School to learn basic phonics to help them read. The principal was humbled because the school is in a settlement with humble beginnings yet they choose to attend. 

Last Thursday was another memorable day and the third (3rd) graduation for the Rob & Jan Patterson Literacy School in Papua New Guinea - An Operation Food for Life (OFFL) project in which we Educate for now and Eternity. The school was built three years ago and during this time over 300 children have been enrolled with 60 graduating.

It was a high day for the 35 graduates. The students were all dressed up and looked their best. Amongst them was Anitha Paul who was amongst our first enrolment at the School.

Anitha has limited sight and was brought to Sydney, Australia earlier this year to explore possibilities of improving her sight. Much was learned to put into practice on return.

Jean, (Phillip and Maureen’s daughter) who came out of the Public school system to attend the Rob and Jan Patterson Literacy School also graduated. Here is Jean receiving her graduation certificate from a very proud father.

Alice Orbert was only enrolled at the beginning of this year at Rob & Jan Patterson Literacy School. She is from Mekeo in the Central Province and is now adopted into a local family. Alive Orbert was the Dux student at Rob & Jan Patterson School for 2015. 

Helen is 14 years old ,and graduated last week  from  the OFFL Rob and Jan Patterson Literacy School  and is one of the 18 children who have no place to call home who live with the Vaki’s at the Operation Food for Life Born Free Sanctuary. Without the school all these children would not have an education.

These children now can attend Erima Primary School where we are a partner in their school children feeder program. Without basic literacy skills these children could not attend primary school.

Most of the children come from poor backgrounds. Our school is in a very poor village named Wildlife.  The school is located in an impoverished area of Port Moresby, serving many hundreds of poor families in the village which surround it. All the teachers are volunteers. 

Our PNG Directors Phillip and Maureen Vaki also volunteers, were on hand to congratulate the children on their success.

Slideshow with more photos follows:


Where has Operation Food for Life been all my life?-a personal insight!

I cannot believe it took so long to find such an ethical and people focused charity where majority of the donated dollar goes directly to the most needy: the sick, disabled, starving, homeless, in prison or insane. My commitment to a charity that uses the majority of the donated dollar for good and NEVER paid volunteer administration expenses, led to me volunteering with a group of six other deliciously people-focused and self-funding individuals. From early morning until sun down, the volunteers served physically and spiritually. Serving a Christian God was not a requirement, but serving humanity and a bigger picture was: a picture that portrayed dignity, hope and acceptance.

We started our 10 day volunteer internship serving the displaced and homeless on Baruni Rubbish dump. Think the ultimate in poverty and survival here: PNG experiences a heartbreaking 85% unemployment with ZERO Social Security. Baruni rubbish dump is the home of the MOST displaced – the Rascals, the ignored, the forgotten, the requiring, THE needy.

From Dawn to after Dusk – the Operation Food for Life team served. We did the practical – the dirty, the heavy, the required. There was no-one else – no magic, no money, no short cuts.

If you are looking for an Australian charity that gives the majority of the donated dollar over to the target area, I encourage you to seriously consider Operation Food for Life. If you can give time or talent instead of money, Operation Food for Life is happy to talk to you. Let’s change this world: you and me. Give what we can – time, talent or money. Everything is used to target Australia’ closest neighbour who needs it most.

WARNING: a volunteer trip to Moresby with Operation Food for Life is a life changing experience. I guarantee that 10 days spent in the bowels of poverty experiencing gratefulness and delight will muck with your perception of people, will, survival and commitment. It changed me to the extent that I will now return to support the ministry every three months. 

Megan Bayliss (BSW, Dip SOC, Grad Dip Sustainability, TAE, MAASW)

Global advocate at The Junk Wave, where we upcycle people by recycling plastic waste. Help us keep talking garbage: Like us On Facebook

Photo report follows:


Commencement of the Born Free Sanctuary Stage 1.

While this picture may not appear to tell a story, there is a great story behind it.

 It is the first photo of the commencement of the Born Free Sanctuary. Stage 1.

 The laundry has been moved, foundations are down, and the building is arising.

 So many in need of a home, love and support will benefit from this wonderful

act of care by the Vaki family in allowing their home to be extended for the benefit

of others.

Photos of work and progress follow:

See previous reports for more information:


Ministering to “the People Living with Aids Ward” Port Moresby General Hospital.

It was just after 6am Sunday morning. Volunteers are busy preparing for our regular visits to terminally ill patients in the People Living with Aids Ward in Port Moresby General Hospital, Papua New Guinea.However, our day started much earlier. At 4am volunteers were slicing fresh fruit.Paw-paw, bananas, apple, watermelon is being put on plates with a fork, in preparation for serving the delicious fruit platter to all the patients, supportive family at bedside, and nursing staff on duty in the ward.

This particular day is routine for all of us when we go to the hospital. After more than 10 years of service at this ward, all of us have a routine we follow on our hospital visit, which always goes like clockwork.

Speaking of clocks we reminded ourselves we need to be out of the ward by 8am, before the doctor does his/her rounds.

Now we are in the ward. Surgical masks are on. As is our usual custom, Phillip Vaki our PNG Director makes a public announcement.

In a light hearted announcement Phillip states “As you see the Operation Food For life volunteers are putting the customary surgical masks on. This is not a hold -up, IT’S A Hope UP!”  Following the introduction smiles can be seen from the patients, family and nursing staff,

As is the usual custom Philip mentions when our volunteers come to the patients with the fruit platter, should they request prayer we would be happy to minister to their spiritual needs. In most cases this offer is warmly welcomed.

 As I cast my eyes throughout the ward I feel it’s now not just air conditioned, but with our arrival, prayer conditioned. Dignity is being restored. Hope is given beyond our “special friends" beds of pain. Tears and emotions flow.

Many patients who are tearfully overwhelmed that complete “strangers” would make them feel the most loved person in the world. Emotions run high and freely by some of volunteers who are confronted by patients so desperately unwell.

 The chorus "God Bless you” can be heard throughout the ward. These words are not just coming from our volunteers, but patients, family and even nursing staff.

God has blessed us by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the stigmatised, marginalised, and forgotten.

After all this, is we are so proud to be volunteers for Operation Food for Life. We cannot wait to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our “family” in this ward on our next visit.

Experience the visit by viewing the slideshow:


Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Born Free Sanctuary

This is a follow up to our previous article on this exciting new project.  For background go to:

A small ground breaking ceremony for the Born Free Sanctuary took place Thursday 24th September. This included s dedication from a pastor, special music from some of the children Phillip and Maureen Vaki care for and some moving and very heart felt emotional, tear filled speeches. The children at the Sanctuary have been formed into a singing group and are called Born Free Praise.  Every person pictured with Phillip and Maureen is a small representation of their household, including a father with some of his children.

What a difference the Sanctuary Project will make. Every day at the moment, at their home, Phillip and Maureen are feeding and clothing 32 people and counting. They are mainly children and teens, mostly all who live with them. Nobody in genuine need will be turned away even if they have to put up tents in their yard.

The pictures do not include 4 children sleeping on mattresses under their house or another 4 children sleeping on another mattress inside an already crowded bedroom. The cost unfurnished to build the extension is approx. $AUD 30,000 based on current exchange rates. The OFFL Team has committed to the project by allocating initial funds and we have faith to believe once we start the project God will bless and help us finish it.

Slide show follows:



El Nino causes severe drought in PNG

The El Nino weather pattern has caused a severe drought and famine affecting all provinces of Papua New Guinea. Gardens and rivers have dried up and people are starving from hunger and drying from lack of food and of disease. Baruni dump, near Port Moresby is no exception. It’s in this area Operation Food for Life volunteers (OFFL) have for many years been providing food, clothing and basic first aid to families living in these horrific conditions. OFFL is the only organisation helping our special friends in this area of great human tragedy.

Amidst this crisis OFFL is out there providing 150-200 desperately needed food parcels (rice, tin of fish & noodles) and biscuits to help sustain at least, their livelihood and ease their plight of starvation. It is a great joy and satisfaction to see smiles and handshakes from the people at the dump. They simply utter one word to us and that is… “Thank you”. We praise God for calling us to serve these families regularly near the Baruni Dump area. We are giving these people hope, dignity and expressing God’s love to them in the most practical manner. This is just one of many inspiring programs OFFL does in Port Moresby, PNG. With your help we can feed many more families like these, who without our intervention may face an uncertain future

This week a team of amazing volunteers are flying up from Sydney and Cairns Australia to support our local national team on the ground. Dennis Perry, Jim Hawkins, David Williams and Julia Legian and family will soon be on this dump providing more food to these folk, ministering in prisons, those terminally ill with Aids and so much more we have been doing for many years. Just a joy to serve and restore dignity, give hope and touch people’s lives in the name of Jesus.




Small things are important

Children at  the Rob & Jan Patterson Literary School in Port Moresby PNG given a treat with biscuits and drinks donated by Paradise Foods. Some of these children have never had  a drink to themselves and it was a great and unforgettable treat. Operation Food for Life is the proud main sponsor of this school.


OFFL Exciting Born Free Sanctuary Project Plans

It’s a standard 3 bedroom residence. ..... nothing unusual when you view it from street level. But when you walk in the house you will note the living room has children and teens asleep on bunks, mattresses on the floor and on the lounge. Every spare inch of space is taken.  Upstairs a similar picture emerges. Two bedrooms full of children and teenagers asleep in bunks and mattresses on the floor.

One loses count of how many one can see asleep …..15 at least.

Every child and young person has a “story”. Some come from poor families, broken homes, unloved and unwanted...

That is until last year, when our volunteer Operation Food for Life Directors Phillip and Maureen Vaki opened their hearts and their house to care for poor and disadvantaged children. This ministry is in addition to all the other projects they lead in the Operation Food for life Ministry in Port Moresby, PNG

Of a week end, our Directors can have up to 35 staying with them. When there is an overflow they pitch tents up in their back yard for accommodation. Nobody is ever turned away. No matter what age!   .....Without discrimination.

It is all part of the Operation Food for Life philosophy taught by Jesus…" "For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me,  I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.” Operation Food for Life has been providing food and clothing for these children and youth.

Phillip and Maureen have charged themselves with the responsibility of repairing children's broken hearts and broken lives and raise them in a loving Christian home …. Until such a time other arrangements can be identified to help each one settle into a permanent "risk free" environment.

We need to extend their house to make a more space for the children, and cater for more children just like these, who have nowhere else to turn.

In February this year a builder and an Operation Food for Life volunteer, Jim Hawkins, from Cooranbong NSW Australia, travelled with co-founder Dennis Perry to Port Moresby to design an extension for the house.

The cost unfurnished to build the extension is approx. $AUD 30,000 based on current exchange rates. The OFFL Team has committed to the project by allocating initial funds and we have faith to believe once we start the project God will bless and help us finish it.

Would you like to join us?  Together through your partnership with us, let’s get this done!

Tax deductible receipts are provided to Australian residents for donations made to OFFL.

Donations can be made via the OFFL web site by clicking the DONATE button.

Through your generosity you will be giving these children hope and dignity and helping nurture each one through a very difficult time in their lives. On behalf of these kids and more, thank you so much for the love you have extended to them through your gift.

Dennis Perry

Co-Founder Operation food For Life

More photos following:



The beautifully restored recycled toys prepared by the volunteers at Peninsula Seniors Toy Recyclers, Sydney ( have arrived and been distributed in Port Moresby in PNG.

The first toy to be given out was to a 25 year old physically and mentally challenged young lady born with Downs Syndrome. Phillip and Maureen Vaki our Operation Food for Life Directors in PNG said the young ladies’ joy on receiving the bear was a sight to behold. 


Children at the OFFL sponsored Rob and Jan Patterson Literacy School were also overwhelmed when given a toy. For both boys and girls this was a real treat to have a toy that was their very own.

Thank you for the  great generosity of the Peninsula Seniors Toy recycling team and our volunteers who collected, forwarded and distributed these toys to bring joy into the lives of children.

Note the slideshow unloading and distributing the toys and the smiles of the children and parents:


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