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Rob and Jan Patterson Literacy School - Special Youth Inclusion 

Because of the high incidence of serious crime and unemployment in Papua New Guinea, youth in particular are considered at high risk to become involved in petty crime, leading them to major criminal activity.

The principle of the Rob and Jan Patterson Literacy School (an Operation Food for Life project to educate poor children) recently "adopted" 51 youth in her poor village to support their spare time sporting endeavours. Combining spiritual care with sport is to encourage and promote role model citizenship.

Photos following are of the Presentation Day at the school when the Rob and Jan Patterson School League teams were presented with their uniforms. Previously they played in a local competition in old clothes.
Just imagine how the youth felt!!! We are making a difference in the lives of so many we touch through our programmes.

A different comment comes from a volunteer who attended this special presentation. “At our last visit to the Rob and Jan Patterson Literacy School in PNG January of this year we presented uniforms for the three grades of Rugby League teams who play under the name of the school. The roar of excitement as the first uniforms were shown to the youth was incredible. Even more so when they found that the coaches and support group all had matching uniforms plus caps as well. You could see their chests swell with pride and there was a lot of smiling all round!”

These youth are proud of their village school and do all they can to ensure a safe environment for the teachers and children at the school. It is important to encourage all the village community to care for each other and support and nurture what has become a central point for their community and that is the Rob and Jan Literacy School.


Who is behind Operation Food for Life (OFFL)

These are the people who set the agenda and are responsible for operating the Australian based Government registered Charity, Operation Food for Life. The photo was taken at the most recent Executive Committee on Wednesday February 25, 2015.

From left to right back row: Rodney Woolley, Dennis Perry, Russell Burlace, Patti Woolley, Tracey Shenton, Elaine Woolley (insert) Front row: David Williams, David Woolley, Marj Perry, Marcia Burlace

OFFL is an incorporated organisation with a tax status* and is required to file an annual return with audited accounts to meet legal requirements. The Executive Committee meets 3 times yearly to review all activities, approve projects, review finances, carry out its statutory requirements and authorise all persons travelling to Papua New Guinea to carry out volunteer work for OFFL. The members of the Executive are all volunteers and give their time freely to advance the work of the charity.

*OFFL is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient which means donations $2 and over are tax deductible for persons required to lodge tax returns in Australia





Hospital visitations give patients hope.

A fresh fruit platter in your hands may be a regular enjoyable part of a meal. Placed in the hands of a patient in the People Living with Aids ward in Port Moresby General Hospital, it is a luxury.

It is six am on a week day morning. We are standing outside Port Moresby hospital with our Operation Food for Life (OFFL) volunteers, preparing for our regular visit to minister to the patients.

Since the early hours of the morning, PNG directors of OFFL have been peeling and washing fruit, making fruit platters in preparation for our visit.

Operation Food for Life is the only organisation which is permitted to do this ministry in the ward.

Following prayer, we make our way to the ward via a number of ramps within the hospital pushing a fully loaded trolley which includes the breakfast fruit platter for our ‘special friends’.

As we make our way to the ward, our thoughts are directed to the high responsibility each one of us has been called to do. We witness to the patients, and in some cases, their families at bedside vigil with their loved ones.

The doors to the ward open. The nursing unit manager has been expecting us.

OFFL volunteers are well known and respected by the hospital administration staff and nurses.

As we cast our eyes to the hospital beds we note the ward is full…. as always, patients in all age groups from babies to the elderly.

Nurses are completing their early morning rounds, one washing a patient, while another is hovering over a patient providing medication.

The echoes of patients coughing is an all too familiar sound, symptomatic of the patient’s condition. 

Phillip Vaki, OFFL PNG Director of Operations, now breaks the silence in the ward by announcing, ‘we come in the name of Jesus’. We then proceed to provide a fresh fruit platter to the patients and families at their bedside and we offer to pray with the seventy plus patients individually.

The nurses are back at their nursing station. We are now positioned at our ‘action stations’. We soon discover, when speaking with patients and families, a number of the patients have tuberculosis.

Over the next two hours prayers at bedsides are heavenward bound. Patients hope and dignity is being restored.

It is time to depart to make way for the doctors to do their rounds. Before we leave, we notice something is dramatically different in the ward, than when we arrived much earlier.

The ward is now noticeably, prayer-conditioned!

Dennis Perry-Operation Food for Life

Photos following:



Second Graduation for children at the OFFL Rob and Jan Patterson Literacy School

The Rob and Jan Patterson Literacy School in the village of Wildlife, Port Moresby, has been serving the poor community it is located in for two years.
In this short period of time it has established the highest reputation for providing teaching and learning excellence, with the first graduates last year excelling when moving on to attend Primary School.

Established to serve poor, disadvantaged and forgotten children, the free education provided by quality local national Volunteer teachers at the school is making a significant difference in the lives of the children educated at the school.
In December 2014, another excited 13 children put on their gowns on Graduation Day  to be presented with their certificates which was conducted at the school. And what a happy celebration it was.

Already 80 children are enrolled for this year.
Thank you teachers for your dedication and love for these children and heartiest congratulations to the graduates of 2014.
Photos following:


Professional video of extensive and practical help given by OFFL

Professional video by HOPE CHANNEL on the extensive and practical help  given to the  less fortunate and marginalised in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea, by the volunteers of Operation Food for Life, a registered non profit charity located in Australia.

 Click on this link: VIEW HERE




During this year, the Hope Channel Christian Television Network filmed the programs of Operation Food for Life in Papua New Guinea.

This was produced by the network into a half hour inspiring documentary, which will be shown on their networks.

It would be our pleasure to send you a free DVD copy of the documentary on request.

Simply e-mail us with your name and full postal address and one will be posted to you with our compliments.

Our e-mail address is.....................

Please note this is a limited offer, and subject to availability.

Operation Food for Life is an Australian Registered Charity.  We have no Payroll. We are proud to all be volunteers, making a significant difference in the lives of others.


International Channel 3ABN interview with founders of Operation Food for Life

Have a look at a recent 2014 interview by International Channel 3ABN, with founders of Operation Food for Life. Click on the link below:



Great News! Our own new Vehicle will make a Huge difference

One of the real needs of OFFL was a dedicated vehicle to service our core projects. 

We have relied on the wonderful generosity of some individuals in Port Moresby and surrounds and at the Pacific Adventist University in providing vehicles for our work, together with hire vehicles.

Recently through a very large generous donation in PNG and funds from our very supportive donors in Australia and around the world we were able to purchase a Toyota Diesel LandCruiser “Troop Carrier”. The Dealer also provided a generous discount due to our work for the less fortunate people of Port Moresby.

This vehicle meets the precise needs of carrying food and equipment and up to 12 team members.

It has already proved invaluable in the operations of the volunteer team and costs of operating are paid for from OFFL funds so generously provided by many regular donors.

A big thank you to Phillip and Maureen Vaki, Directors of Operations on the ground in Port Moresby who worked tirelessly in representing and presenting what is done by OFFL that inspired the major donation for the vehicle.

OFFL does not have a payroll. We are an Australian registered charity and all persons involved are volunteers.

Photos follow:





Sports Equipment presented to Prisoners...and a special OFFL meal

During a recent visit by the OFFL volunteer team to the Men’s and Women’s Prisons at Port Moresby the sports committee of the prison was presented with an OFFL donation of sports equipment for the prisoners to use.

David Woolley is seen in the photos following making the presentation in the Men’s prison which included Volley balls and nets, basketball and nets, soccer balls, rugby balls etc. A presentation of Sports Equipment was also made to the Ladies Prison.

The prisoners and staff were very appreciative of this valuable contribution to the welfare of prisoners.  OFFL then provided a special meal for the prisoners which is a real treat and quite different to their regular food.

Slideshow follows:


Still fired up but some changes for co-founder.

Following many years of energetic and passionate service in establishing Operation Food for Life, from humble beginnings to a dynamic non-profit registered Australian Christian charity, honoured by Country Leaders in Papua New Guinea, and Australia, co-founder David Woolley has retired from the front line responsibilities of the organisation.....BUT remains on the Executive Committee of the Charity.

On his recent visit to PNG David was given a highly charged emotional farewell, from so many people’s lives he touched. The photos with this story are genuine tears of love that was overflowing by so many whose lives have been forever changed through David’s humble and inspiring witness. He has given himself away to these people. It showed through the valley of tears and outpouring of love and grief by all on his recent trip.

Tributes flowed as David was presented with a traditional billum, from the Ladies at Bomana prison and a culture farewell from the children and teachers at the Rob and Jan Patterson Literacy School. David’s hands on approach to projects of this nature, was instrumental in this school being built for poor, disadvantaged and forgotten children. Refer our web site for more information on the school.  

There simply is no adequate words which convey the legacy David has left in Port Moresby, giving hope and dignity to many many thousands of poor and disadvantaged people. Many of whom would have faced an uncertain future without his inspirational leadership, compassion and commitment to the Operation Food for Life Ministry.

His dedication and legacy will live on, through all the children and lives David’s has impacted on in PNG, for generations. It has been a continued life of service to the poor of which legends are made. David has earned the right to be called a true Living Legend in the Operation Food for Life Hall of Fame.

We are so pleased David Woolley will continue to serve with his wife Elaine, on the Operation Food for Life Australian Executive Committee. His experience and wise counsel assures Operation Food for life will continue to bless many more thousands in years to come.

David also carried out the functions of Secretary/Treasurer of the Charity and these very important and detailed roles have now been taken up by Russell Burlace assisted by his wife Marcia. It is wonderful to have them both on the Executive Committee and enthusiastically carrying out the many details of the role as committed volunteers.

To add to the strength of the team David Williams has also joined the Executive Committee as Corporate Communications Manager. David has been very supportive of OFFL for quite some time now as a volunteer and we are delighted he has agreed to become more involved and already has been to PNG with the OFFL team. He will now accompany Dennis Perry on the scheduled visit to Port Moresby in January 2015.

.Well done Good and Faithful Servant!

Dennis Perry
President and co-Founder Operation Food for Life

Operation Food for Life is a registered Australian Charity. All of us, who serve, are volunteers.

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