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Operation Food for Life supports the following major projects in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Rob & Jan Patterson Literacy School

For over 3 years a Christian lady had been teaching voluntarily, and when possible feeding, 35+ disadvantaged children in a settlement in Port Moresby. She had little or no resources to teach the children. The school was originally called the Samuel School.

In 2012 Operation Food for Life (OFFL) added this school to our Major Projects List due to a generous major initial donation for the development of the school by Robert and Jan Patterson. Sadly both Robert and Jan have since deceased.

As of May 2013 a three classroom school has been built and enrolment has increased to 146  including many disadvantaged children. OFFL continues to add facilities to the school in the village of Wildfire and provide support with resources and food for the children. All work to achieve this wonderful facility has been carried out voluntarily. 

On Rubbish Dumps

Through the support of our volunteers, we feed and clothe hundreds of families and individuals who live in tragic circumstances on the rubbish dumps. Our main focus is to support the 500+ persons who live on Baruni, one of the major rubbish dumps on the outskirts of Port Moresby.

 In Hospital

Regularly we feed and offer spiritual support to hundreds of patients dying of HIV/Aids in Port Moresby General Hospital every year.

The hospital does not have sufficient funds to cover the cost of feeding these patients. Families of the patients are charged with the responsibility of feeding them. Many will not, because of the stigma associated with the virus. That’s where we step in. At other times we feed patients in other wards of the hospital, often concentrating on the children’s wards.

In Prisons

Over 1000 men and ladies are incarcerated in Bomana Correctional Institutional Centre in Port Moresby.  The Operation Food for Life team regularly visit the prisoners, providing practical help and spiritual encouragement to both men and women in the prison. A special breakfast for all inmates and staff members is run regularly.

Cheshire Home for the Disabled

Twenty+ severely physically and mentally challenged patients call Cheshire their home. This Centre is totally reliant for support on the goodwill of likeminded compassionate organizations like Operation Food for Life. We have provided food on a regular basis for the patients and have a long standing warm relationship with them.

Settlement Programs

Many settlements on the outskirts of Port Moresby consist of ''shanty towns". Dwellings have been built from old timber and iron remnants which have been dumped on the rubbish dumps in the area. There are large numbers of poor families living in these areas.  Many have been marginalised and forgotten by general society.

On regular occasions our volunteers visit some of these communities to give emotional support, dignity and hope to the families.  As part of our visitation, we conduct programs which include music and stories to encourage the community.  When our team leads out in these programs the children energetically and happily participate with our team members.

One of the highlights the children enjoy is when our volunteers provide light refreshments. This is considered a real treat by the children.

When clothing is available from a container shipment from Australia (paid for by Operation Food for Life) we provide these much needed items to the poor and destitute living in these settlements.

Born Free Sanctuary

In 2016 a major project was completed adding additional accommodation at the home of our Papua New Guinea Directors of Operations Phillip and Maureen Vaki to support up to 32 persons taken into their home.  These are mainly children from broken homes and no young person in need is sent away. 

Emergency Assistance

There are times when our Team Leader is called on to provide urgent help for families who need food, clothing or other practical items. His response is always immediate.

Our Success

Operation Food for Life is making a difference. Through a Christian philosophy, which dictates our compassionate actions, dignity and hope are given to those often forgotten by society.