2021 in Review

Certainly, the year 2021 has been a challenge for all around the world.

PNG is no exception with Covid-19 affecting the normal delivery of services by Operation Food for Life.

In spite of this our Learning Centre at Kivori Poe some 150 Kilometres south west along the coast from Port Moresby has delivered Education to nearly 300 students and the young people at the Born Free Sanctuary in Port Moresby have been kept safe by care and love of Maureen and Philip Vaki.

Teams from Australia have been unable to visit, encourage and help out with projects but all is being maintained by the dedicated local OFFL team on the ground at Port Moresby and we thank our wonderful donors for providing funds to allow all the projects and as many of the regular programs as possible to continue.

Here are some photos of activities at the Learning Centre at Kivori and at the Born Free Sanctuary.


For more information see Operation Food for Life Website: www.offl.org.au

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