Children and Parents thrilled with Agriculture Initiative

The Teachers & Students at the Operation Food for Life Kivori Poe Early Learning School had an open day recently.

The first part of the morning from 9am-10am was dedicated to harvesting of cabbages & selling to parents by individual classes. The second part of the day 10am-11am dedicated to giving out of Student assessment report cards

The thrill & highlight of the day was children earning money from the sale of the cabbages. The children had smiles & were excited & asked their teachers when the next planting would take place.

Parents were overwhelmed & gave positive remarks & appreciated the agriculture initiative.

The money will be used for the end of the year school celebration with parents and the community.

Without this school plant all the 250 children attending this school would not be able to read, write, have any religious instruction and in most cases could not speak English. Praise God for the two schools built by OFFL and donors who support the schools.

Philip and Maureen Vaki

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