Cyclone damage to the Operation Food for Life Kivori Learning Centre and the surrounding area

In early January this year Cyclone Penny hit the most Northerly part of Australia and the coast of Papua New Guinea right where our Kivori Learning Centre is situated.  The Centre is only some hundreds of metres from the sea.

100 kph winds arrived without warning causing much damage to the local villages including some of our teachers’ homes and the locally made bush school buildings.  The Wooden teaching block constructed in the last 2 years sustained no damage due to it’s solid and well-built construction.

As soon as possible PNG Operational Directors in Port Moresby Philip and Maureen Vaki visited the area bringing food, replacement mattresses, pillows, cooking pots roofing iron and canvass to replace roofs and timber for rebuilding.

Teachers and locals in the area were much appreciative of what OFFL was able to supply. All teachers’ homes were restored and damage to the bush schools was repaired.

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