For many years Reuben Alu our Port Moresby Area Manager, has been visiting prisoners, providing practical and spiritual support to both men and ladies incarcerated in Bomana Jail.

Reuben is well known and respected by every prisoner in jail, for the dedicated service, and work he has done in the prison.

Located 14 miles from Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea,  the jail can comfortably accommodate over 1500 prisoners.

Being the largest penal institution in the country, the prison is divided into three distinct areas. These being, Ladies Prison, Men’s Maximum Security unit and Men’s Medium Security Unit.

In recent years the Warden of the prison has allowed Reuben to pick up a few prisoners, with their guard, and take them out for a week end to help the work of Operation Food for Life.

The prisoners are always those whom have embraced Christianity while in prison. They genuinely have experienced a conversion which has completely transformed them from their long history of violence.

It is always a real highlight for all of us and our volunteers to have this group helping us in the various projects we are engaged in.

We always supply “our friends” an Operation Food for Life uniform so they can feel part of our team and wear this with pride.

In every instance our “volunteers” from Bomana enthusiastically involve themselves in supporting our team. For example, this will include feeding and clothing families living on a rubbish dump, feeding people dying of aids, and helping the physically and mentally challenged young people, plus much more.

The affect this experience has on our “guests” is electric. It certainly has a profound positive effect on each one giving them dignity and seeing the respect returned by our volunteers and the community whom they serve.

At day’s end when returning to Bomana Prison our special friends count the days until they can come with us again and again.

For all of us volunteering for Operation Food for Life, it is a life changing experience.

We are confident the prisoners would also testify to that fact.

Operation Food for Life IS making a difference!


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