It seems only yesterday when Operation Food for Life (OFFL) was taken to a house in a poor settlement in Port Moresby, where a lady, Ogasta Daniel, for over 2 years was teaching 35 young children basic literacy skills. The children, including orphans, all came from very poor and disadvantaged backgrounds.

What OFFL witnessed on arrival shocked them. They were all located under a house; with the only teaching resource being used was a whiteboard and marker.

We are thrilled to report OFFL has now built a 3 classroom school built in Ogasta’s poor village of Wildlife, with an enrolment of over 146 children. These children would face a life of spiritual and education poverty without the dedication of volunteers from the local area and Australia who have helped us, and continue to do so, with remarkable passion and commitment.

However, in this project the most important volunteers are from the village of Wildlife itself who teach the children on a daily basis and the do all the building work required. “Self Help” is an important principle followed by OFFL when it can be applied.

Please note the school is a totally independent school founded and supported by OFFL and run by the residents of Wildfire on a fully volunteer basis. It is not part of the PNG Government Education system, as they cannot reach out to all children.

The School is still very much an unfinished project. There is so much we need to resource the school, and still so much to do.

This includes providing electricity, a toilet block, an additional classroom, teaching and pupil resources and providing food for the children on a regular basis to name a few. We need to extend the school to provide boarding facilities for the physically and mentally challenged children of the village who, in the main, cannot attend the school on a daily basis. We want to make provision for more of these children, our “special friends”, to be able to attend. Currently we have 4 of them attending the school.

Operation Food for Life has no payroll! Inspired by the example of Jesus we will continue to reach out to those who have no voice and living in some of the most horrific conditions imaginable.

We are totally dependent on the generosity of people like you to partner with us and experience the joy which comes when you know you are making a life changing difference in the lives of others we help.

You are cordially invited to partner with us in our labour of love through our various projects.

Thank you in anticipation for making a positive and life changing difference in the lives of poor, forgotten and disadvantaged children.

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