Ground Breaking Ceremony for the Born Free Sanctuary

A small ground breaking ceremony for the Born Free Sanctuary took place Thursday 24th September. This included s dedication from a pastor, special music from some of the children Phillip and Maureen Vaki care for and some moving and very heart felt emotional, tear filled speeches. The children at the Sanctuary have been formed into a singing group and are called Born Free Praise.  Every person pictured with Phillip and Maureen is a small representation of their household, including a father with some of his children.

What a difference the Sanctuary Project will make. Every day at the moment, at their home, Phillip and Maureen are feeding and clothing 32 people and counting. They are mainly children and teens, mostly all who live with them. Nobody in genuine need will be turned away even if they have to put up tents in their yard.

The pictures do not include 4 children sleeping on mattresses under their house or another 4 children sleeping on another mattress inside an already crowded bedroom. The cost unfurnished to build the extension is approx. $AUD 30,000 based on current exchange rates. The OFFL Team has committed to the project by allocating initial funds and we have faith to believe once we start the project God will bless and help us finish it.

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