ILIMO Government School Community Programme

Ilimo Primary school is a government run primary school, located some 16 miles from Port Moresby, with over 200 children attending. The students come from disadvantaged backgrounds, living modestly in very poor villages. There is no water at the school, little teaching aids and meagre school materials of any nature.

Operation Food for Life volunteers has been visiting this school in recent years, as part of our community projects. Occasionally we supply much needed resource material for the students. On each visit we ensure to provide a healthy fresh fruit platter for the staff, children and local community who live on the fringe of the school.

Eating fresh fruit is a luxury item for both children and teachers alike. The happiness and enthusiasm, watching the children enjoy this special meal is memorable.

We are always welcomed by the school principle, teachers and children. There is no other organisation that visits and supports the school.

Happiness, joy and appreciation by the teachers and children are the reward our volunteers receive for another community program well done.

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