Improvements Continue at Wildlife OFFL School

Over the last year a number of improvements have been carried out at the Rob & Jan Patterson Literacy School to help the students and teachers better operate the school.

The families of the village are encouraged and inspired by this continuing support of the School by the Operation Food for Life team and the faithful and wonderful support of Donors who make this all possible.  Donors include both those who donate their time free of charge and those that donate money to our funds. It also includes residents of the community that are delighted to help improve “their” school

New Toilets Built

Funds have been used to have 2 toilets built to serve the school. Have a look at the photos to see how these are built in PNG. It is a much appreciated upgrade/addition.

More light for Classrooms

Some of the corrugated roofing has been replaced with clear sheets to improve lighting throughout the building.  This has dramatically improved the teaching atmosphere and more enjoyable class activities due to much better lighting.

Enrolment growing

Teaching space is at a premium at the school so a temporary wall is being erected at the end of the veranda to isolate an area that is being used as a temporary classroom. It is so good to be able to cater for more children that probably may not even been able to access basic education.

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