Learning Centre at Born Free Sanctuary Opened early 2019

What a wonderful community project by the Treasury team at BSP Bank (Bank South Pacific) headed by Rohan George in Port Moresby.  BSP is the largest bank through out the South Pacific Island countries.

We can’t describe it any better than Rohan himself by quoting some of his comments below over the last year or so. Not only did the team fundraise and build a security wall (The Freedom Wall) around the property but took upon themselves to fundraise and organise the building of the learning centre.  The central fundraising project was a trek by Rohan to the base camp of Mt. Everest in Nepal which raised funds for the building through sponsorships.

Comments by Rohan:

A few months ago, I was lucky to become involved with the Operation Food for Life Born Free Sanctuary, as the Bank South Pacific Treasury dealing team chose the refuge as its community service project for 2017. The Born Free Sanctuary was built in 2016, and now provides shelter, food and education for 38 children (mostly girls) from disadvantaged, abused and/or parentless backgrounds in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. The BSP Treasury team, is providing support by building a perimeter fence for the Sanctuary, as it is currently unsecured and backs onto a settlement, causing security issues. “

“Due to the growth in number of children, we would like to assist further by building a learning center on the Sanctuary property, giving the children a proper place to study, to access information online, to use computers or simply hang out, kicking back and reading a book from the library.”

“The Born Free Sanctuary has touched my heart”

These kids are amazing! All from disadvantaged backgrounds, all so happy and so grateful for the pastoral care, learning and love provided by Philip and Maureen at the Operation Food for Life Born Free Sanctuary.”

“I love it when a plan comes together! Building of the Born Free Sanctuary Learning Centre for disadvantaged kids is progressing well. Walls today, rafters, roof, ceiling later in the week. Then solar panels, solar lighting, fans, chargers, painting etc. Finally, notebooks, computers, chairs and the children themselves! Great collaboration between builders, architects, suppliers and especially donors to make this happen. Not yet, but once completed the refuge kids will require data for research for school assignments etc. There will be 11 notebooks and 2 computers to hook-up on the net.”

“Our BSP Treasury team was privileged to handover solar power lighting, fans, chargers and digital learning equipment to the Sanctuary Learning Centre and the children.”

Operation Food for Life (OFFL) is very grateful that the BSP Treasury team has partnered with the OFFL team to support the development of the Born Free Sanctuary operation. Thank you BSP team for your remarkable achievements with the 2 projects undertaken and for the love and acceptance shown to all the children/young people at the Sanctuary.

It is the vision of OFFL that young people moving through the Sanctuary and out into the community will take values and skills (such as provided by the Learning Centre) into their future lives that will benefit themselves and their families but just as important add to strengthening their society and nation.

Please enjoy the photos of the history and building of these new facilities:

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