Maintaining Born Free Sanctuary and Activities

During the earlier part of this year 2019 much work was accomplished to improve and tidy up the grounds of the Sanctuary.

Children and Young People living at the Sanctuary helped volunteers including a team from Australia in the form of Jim Hawkins, Brad Magus from NSW and Neilene and Leon Tromp from Queensland to:

Build retaining walls and steps to the Sanctuary.

Level areas and concrete or hard fill these areas

Build drainage run off areas

Beautify the area with plants

Source and install a much-needed water tank to help with water costs

All the OFFL team in Sydney and the Vaki family locally, along with the young people at the Sanctuary, very much appreciated Neilene and Leon staying on for an extended time and they were able to carry out other additions with local help such as:

Long length clothes lines in the higher areas of the property with steps for access

Some roof, guttering and painting repairs

Installation of plumbing for the water tank

Constructing garden beds for growing some food for the Sanctuary to provide experience in how to do this for Young People living at the Sanctuary.

Neilene also conducted personal health classes at both our OFFL Schools.

In addition, many young people at the Sanctuary were taught sewing by Neilene and made carry bags for themselves as a start.

We thank everyone locally and from Australia who donate their time to provide and upkeep

this wonderful home for so many young people who have come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

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