Meet Mori at the OFFL Born Free Sanctuary

Two weeks ago, we welcomed Mori, (who now prefers to be called Emmanuel,) a young 10-year-old boy into the Operation Food for Life Born Free Sanctuary located in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea – a facility providing full time care for up to 30 disadvantaged children.

This is the home of our local Directors in PNG the Vaki’s which has been expanded by OFFL to accommodate all these children.

Some Children have faced traumatic experiences in their early childhood.

Emmanuel has a number of disabilities including a growth on his leg and back. He also stutters. Ongoing care at the Sanctuary will do all that is possible to address these issues.

Today, we are providing Emmanuel and the Born Free Sanctuary children, a Christian upbringing where they are unconditionally loved.

Providing each child physical emotional and spiritual support giving every child dignity and hope.

OFFL funds the education of and all the care needed to provide a safe and loving environment for these children.

Emmanuel is pictured in the photos below.

Dennis Perry, President of Operation Food for Life (OFFL) is pictured with Jim Hawkins, who is Vice President of Operation Food for Life.

See if you can pick out Emmanuel in the group photo with their carers, Philip and Maureen Vaki our OFFL Directors in PNG.

All the children in the group photo are from the Operation Food for Life Sanctuary.

They have been formed into an outstanding gospel singing group called…………. Born Free Praise.

Within two weeks Mori had almost learned most of the songs the group sing and already loves to praise God through song.

OPERATION FOOD FOR LIFE HAS NO PAYROLL. All of the teams in PNG and Australia, along with Administrators are Volunteers.

Dennis Perry with Rod Woolley


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