Milestone and Game Changer

Yesterday June 16, 2021 was a milestone in the history of Operation Food for Life (OFFL) in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

On this day the first task for our new ISUSU truck was to deliver the young people of the “Born Free Sanctuary” tovarious schools. The previous day the truck was handed over from the Supplier.

The truck is multipurposed for not only carrying a large seated group of people but converts to carrying loads of goods for instance to our Kivori School some 150 kilometres along the coast from Port Moresby. The truck is a game changer and all the OFFL team thank our wonderful DONORS for making this possible.

OFFL has no paid employees and all are volunteers. Working with our Donors we are able to help many disadvantaged children and others under the blessings of God.

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