My awesome firsthand experience

I wish to dedicate this to people behind Operation Food for Life, having recently experienced firsthand what they do in Papua New Guinea.
The PNG Directors Phillip and Maureen Vaki have decided to give their whole life to helping their country. At the same time looking after up to  30 children and teens who were abandoned by their parents  The very same kids are now preparing food packages and going out handing out food and toys to those in need. 

This trip was a life changing experience for me and I certainly see things in a whole new perspective, we honestly have it all here back in Australia, yet we complain and we’re never happy, whilst there are people happy to have some food and shelter.

Some of our goals we are now aiming for are to obtain a school bus so we can pick up the children from the rubbish dump and take them to school so we can break the cycle of them staying there and to raise funds to extend the born free sanctuary where the 30+ children are staying.

Lastly I’d like to thank the absolute perfect team during this whole program, you guys are amazing human beings and I hope we can do this every year – Jim Hawkins, David Williams, Megan Bayliss, Dennis Perry and  and my amazing parents Julia and Simon Legian for taking me.

Jeremy Tegan

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