New School Initiative by OFFL at village of Kivoro-Poe



Accessible only by helicopter or 4 wheel drive vehicle KIVORI – POE village is located in a very remote area of Papua New Guinea. Over three hours west of Port Moresby the nation’s capital. The village is one of many along the coastline. It is estimated some 6000 families live in the area.

Operation Food for Life identified an urgent need for a Christian Early Learning School to serve the villages of the area, aware that at least 60 children, most who had no education, would immediately benefit from the school plant.

With a temporary “bush school” build, two qualified teachers ready to commence, all was in readiness to welcome students for the first term.

With Jim Hawkins, our Vice President, Phillip and Maureen Vaki (who are our incredible PNG Directors for our humanitarian work and ministry in the country,) travelled to the school for the memorable opening ceremony. We were totally overwhelmed when enrolments reached 120 children. …and still counting as this goes to press.


Education is free for the children who live in very poor communities.

The local village Chief stated “he had been praying for a long time for a Christian school to educate the children, paying tribute to Operation Food for Life’s commitment to Christian education to educate children who live in poor communities. You are also giving these children hope in Christ filled classrooms. Thank you. Thank you” the chief said.

During this year Operation Food for Life will build a permanent two classroom facility with an additional first aid room to serve the school and the community. Jim Hawkins is managing this project. This will be Jims second build for Operation Food for Life having managed the construction for our Born Free Sanctuary which is providing 24/7 care for many children at risk and less fortunate. Thank you Jim for transforming so many lives you touch through Operation Food for Life.

The new school is another welcomed addition to all our humanitarian programs and projects in Papua New Guinea. This includes our first three teacher Operation Food for Life Rob and Jan Patterson Christian Literacy School in Wildlife Port Moresby which has 120 children enrolled this year.

We praise God for his leading and abundant blessings upon our hands and feet, as all our volunteers give ourselves away above self-interest to serve others of less fortunate circumstances.

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