Official Opening of Kivori Early Learning Centre

Tuesday July 17th July, 2018 saw a convoy of vehicles leave at 5am from Port Moresby heading for the Operation Food for Life Kivori School some 148 Kilometres north west along the coast.

Included in the convoy were government dignitaries, church leaders and the team members of Operation Food for Life both local and from Australia.

On arrival there was great excitement as many of the children and adults were dressed in traditional  attire and performed a traditional greeting.  500 people were in attendance including 40 chiefs from surrounding villages.

After official speeches a tour of the new 2 classroom building and the existing bush school structures was undertaken with children back in their classes.

Currently 257 children attend the centre. Education is provided free to these children.

This year a new 3 room second class room building will be built to move all the remaining children from the temporary bush structures to the new permanent building.

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