OFFL Director Vaki Calls for Unity at Bomana



Uniting of believers for God’s calling’ was ex-convict turned church Elder and PNG Operation Food for Life (OFFL) Director Philip Vaki’s spiritual message today at the Papua New Guinea’s Bomana Prison Minimum Security Unit (MSU).

Relatives of prisoners joined today with OFFL volunteers to take lead in the church service at the Bomana Prison MSU. OFFL Director Philip Vaki urged all prisoners to unite through Jesus Christ and that God’s calling was now. Church Service was followed by the usual physical feeding of the prisoners with fresh watermelon, pawpaw, banana, juice, and ice-cream. The prisoners’ daily diet is hard biscuit for breakfast and boiled brown rice with tinned-meat for lunch and dinner and as such it was evident that Bomana prisoners look forward to this treat.

In 2016 Bomana has had up to 50 female prisoners, 105 male at MSU, and 435 at the Main Unit making a total of 590 prisoners at one time. Prison ministries continues to make a major impact as it was recently found that 218 prisoners “found God” over the last 10 years, and partially as a result of the ongoing OFFL Prison ministry.

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