OFFL Donate Fans to Bomana Prison Church



Prisoners at Bomana Maximum Unit Church of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea can now finally worship in the comfort of cool blowing air.

This morning at 11am, OFFL President Dennis Perry and Vice President Jim Hawkins donated two industrial sized fans purchased at a total cost of K1,400. It was only one week ago, in which OFFL international volunteers ministered at the Prison and it was clearly evident by the volunteers that the prisoners have been worshipping in extreme (heat) conditions.

‘Donating fans is consistent with OFFL’s ministry of feeding spiritually, emotionally, and physically to those in need’, President Perry stated. Perry further iterated that ‘without the distraction of the heat, the prisoners can now be able to focus more on the word of God during church service’.

The Bomana Maximum Unit Prison Church is located within the maximum unit area and housed in a small brick building built most likely during the colonial period.  The building usually caters up to 40 prisoners, often reaching up to 70 present and combined with the year-round hot and dry weather, prisoners experience extreme heat while worshipping.

Steven Matainaho

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