Cheshire Disability Services

A large group of physically and mentally challenged patients call Cheshire Disability Services their home. This Centre is totally reliant for support on the goodwill of likeminded compassionate organisations like Operation Food for Life. OFFL has provided food and interaction on a regular basis for the patients and have a long standing warm relationship with them.

Laloki Psychiatric Hospital

This institution has up to 100 patients in the male and female divisions. Behind bars up to 30 plus male patients have been assessed as dangerous and criminally insane. Many of whom have been so affected by drug addiction and abuse their minds can no longer think, or act, rationally. Visitation from family is almost non -existent. The patients have been abandoned by family and marginalised by general society. Against this backdrop you will find our volunteers serving a delicious fresh fruit platter they have prepared for the patients and talking with them to give hope and encouragement. Surprisingly each patient responds with words of “Thank You or God Bless You” as they are handed their meal. A plate of fruit is considered a luxury by the patients.

“If not able to feed lots feed at least one”
Mother Teresa

Aids Support

Regularly OFFL volunteers feed and offer spiritual support to hundreds of patients living with Aids in Port Moresby General Hospital every year.
The hospital does not have sufficient funds to cover the cost of feeding these patients.

Families of the patients are charged with the responsibility of feeding them. Many will not, because of the stigma associated with the virus. That’s where we step in when we are able. Also we feed patients and bring cheer to the children’s wards.


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