The ROOF is ON and the walls are UP!

On Sunday September 3 the roof went on the 2 classroom School Operation Food for Life (OFFL) is building at Kivori Poe, Papua New Guinea. By Wednesday the 12th the walls were on.

It’s been a challenging project as the area is normally only accessible by a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Taking building materials into this remote region has been a test of vehicles accessing the area.

It is so remote that when some of the Australian team go to our school, children touch their hands and arms, as some have never seen a white man before.

Wonderful donors make this project possible and the other humanitarian programs and projects OFFL is pioneering amongst the poor in an area such as this.

188 children who could not read or write are attending the school which OFFL named an Early Learning Centre. Many could not speak English and this is the chosen language our school operates in.

Thank you so VERY much for your support by helping us educate the children for now and eternity.

The ROOF is ON and the walls are UP!


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