To Dennis Perry and David Woolley,

              I wish to thank you sincerely for allowing me the opportunity to come and work with you and the Operation Food for Life Team in Papua New Guinea. It is an experience that I will never forget. To see the many programs that your organisation is running and the breadth of aid you provide is incredible. Operation Food for Life really ensures that the food, clothes and medical equipment are dispersed in the areas of need that are sadly forgotten by the PNG Government and society. I witnessed on several occasions on the trip people coming and receiving aid, whether at the prisons, rubbish tip, hospital or in the villages and leaving them with more than material items but confidence and dignity as well.

The respect the Operation Food for Life Team has for the PNG people is evident and reciprocated all over Port Moresby including the areas where most people are afraid to go.  I was also very impressed by the efforts of Operation Food for Life to develop these programs with the emphasis of ‘let’s help them help themselves’ which ensures sustainability.

Dennis and David you have cared for me and supported me throughout this whole continuing journey and I really feel like part of a lifelong team now.

I have learnt many things from my Operation Food for Life Trip and one of them is the saying ‘every little bit helps’ is true. I am looking forward to contributing more in any way I can!


Yours sincerely

Kelly Gerrard


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